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Nomad's off-road mini trucks are unique little 4x4 vehicles that offer remarkable functionality in a compact package. All are vintage vehicles i.e. older than 25 years and can thus be supplied with classic on-road titles.

Featuring a 660cc gas engine and measuring only 130 inches in length and just 55 inches in width, these tiny 4x4’s punch way above their weight when it comes to their ability to deliver the goods over rough terrain.

Ideally suited for farmers and outdoorsmen who need an off-road vehicle that is compact, fuel efficient and capable, the Nomad off-road mini truck is a worthwhile allrounder to own.

Our models can be had in either standard configuration (white with regular 12 inch 145R12C on-road tires) or rigged to Mini-Mog spec.

The Nomad Mini-Mog takes its inspiration from the legendary Mercedes-Benz Unimog military trucks that have blazed trails for over six decades through the most challenging and hostile terrain the world has to offer. Our miniature tribute to the legend is fitted with a lift kit and off-road 12 inch 23x8.00-12 tires with rubberized black load bins and color-of-your choice cab. A snowplow can also be added in the front to increase functionality for users living in colder climates.

Various brands are available and cost varies between $6,000 and $12,500. Price will be dependent on model, mileage and type.

Custom-builds according to your requirements are available and the possibilities are almost limitless. Contact us to make your unique Mini Truck vision come to life.

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