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Land Rover Defenders have a reputation and mystique unmatched by any other 4x4 vehicle on the planet. Used for over 70 years by farmers, explorers and multiple military forces worldwide, the Defender is a truly iconic off-road automobile. As testimony to their tremendous reliability, robust construction and longevity it is estimated that around 70% of all the Land Rover Series and Defender models produced are still on the road. A remarkable achievement for a vehicle that was constantly manufactured between 1948 and 2016 with a production output of 2 million vehicles. And only one of the many reasons behind Land Rover’s legendary status.

The good news for fans of the Land Rover Defender is that Nomad Moto is proud to announce that it is the North Eastern USA's official distributor for Gateway Offroad Centre.

Rated by experts as Africa's foremost supplier of classic Land Rovers, Gateway's vehicles are now available to US buyers who are looking for the finest Defenders on the market.

Let's be honest - there are a number of Defenders to choose from in the North American market. Prices will range from anywhere between $25,000 to $150,000. And so will the quality. Putting lipstick on a pig is unfortunately a reality with a lot of the "clean" and "neat" Defenders being offered for sale, where superficial treatment by unscrupulous sellers can hide less appealing realities underneath… buyers therefore need to be aware of what to look out for:


Defenders imported from Europe typically come from wet climates (the same goes for NAS models that have been exposed to decades of harsh winters in the northern US and Canada), and rust can be an issue with vintage models. Since rust is a very common problem on the chassis (frame) on the Defender and most European vehicles would have had a cross member, outriggers or whole chassis replaced, which is never as strong as a factory manufactured unit. Most Defenders from the 1980's and early 1990's had galvanized chassis and firewalls, making them much more durable. Combined with the mild South African climate in which they operated, most of the Gateway Defenders are still near perfect in this regard with no repairs ever done.

Worn out components

Due to the fact that these vehicles are 25 years and older it is no surprise that they needed some work along the way and that some mechanical repairs would have been done over the years. Gateway puts every vehicle through their workshop to make sure that all mechanical functionality is in good working order and that any Gateway vehicle is in a "get in and go" state when it is offered for sale. Gateway also ensures that all inferior and substandard parts that might have been used are replaced with proper parts and not just with whatever is cheapest or immediately available, as done by so many others. Gateway makes sure that their vehicles are in tiptop shape mechanically for all grades of vehicles, since no price can be put on safety and reliability.

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Cooling issues

Both the old 3.5 liter petrol V8 and the TDi were known for issues with overheating due to poor maintenance on cooling systems. Because of this Gateway makes sure that the cooling is bulletproof on their vehicles to ensure that you the buyer gets the best possible performance out of your new Gateway Defender.

The peace of mind that the Gateway Land Rover Defenders offer is that none of the above issues will be a concern to buyers. Because each and every vehicle supplied by Gateway has either been painstakingly rebuilt from the chassis up, meticulously restored or thoroughly checked before shipping to the US. The Gateway philosophy is that a brand is only as strong as the product it puts its name to, and therefore only the best Defenders are exported from South Africa to the US market. In a nutshell, Gateway's Defenders are rarely the cheapest but they'll always be the best.

At Nomad Moto we will be offering three different categories of Land Rover Defenders:

Custom Grade

Anyone who has ever wished to own a premium example of vintage Defender need to look no further. Custom Grade Defenders are frame-off restorations where no cost or effort has been spared in creating an exhibition specimen. Every part of the vehicle has been painstakingly rebuilt and restored to original factory spec. Defenders in this class are very close to the way they were when they first rolled off the production line at Solihull.

Safari Grade

Defender aficionados who want a vehicle that can brave the roughest terrain that the outdoors can offer but prefer a vehicle customized to their preference in terms of color and equipment will appreciate the versatility offered by these models. This is a frame-on restoration which means that the vehicles have been restored by replacing all worn parts in key areas of the vehicle to ensure complete reliability for your expedition needs. Defenders in this class have the same stunning exterior appearance as the Custom Grade, except being in the color of your choice and rigged with the extras that you require.

Vintage Grade

Purists who demand a vintage Defender that is completely original and in excellent condition can rest assured that the finest vehicles in their class are supplied in this category. Only the best vintage Defenders are sourced from the dry regions of the interior of South Africa to guarantee a rust-free, reliable vehicle in excellent original condition. Vehicles in this class typically exhibit a fitting patina of use but will be perfectly serviceable and reliable originals that have been on expedition and remain ready for many more adventures.

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